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MindBlazer Reports Strong Demand for Interactive Content

Company sees steady growth, introduces new products.

CHARLOTTE, N.C., February 17, 2009 - MindBlazer, a marketing technology company that leverages interactive video and new media for the financial industry, experienced increased demand in 2008 for its educational, interactive content as more banks and credit unions recognized the need to leverage this emerging channel.

"It is exciting to see financial institutions empower their Web site media to reach beyond traditional communication, expanding the use and returns of the Internet channel," Ryan Brown, MindBlazer president and CEO, said. "Financial institutions, like in other industries, are embracing new interactive Web media in a professional capacity as a business strategy to help companies stay abreast of consumer attitude and perceptions, as well as improve communication with the public. For the financial industry in particular, new media can be an educational resource for products and services and a driver to encourage adoption of these offerings."

In 2008, MindBlazer grew to provide more than 140 financial institutions with a variety of interactive media tools, and introduced MoneyMinutesTV, a syndicated series of education-based interactive videos designed to inform the public about financial products and services, while helping banks and credit unions drive sales and service activations online. MindBlazer offered a complimentary video as part of the launch to build awareness of this offering and to allow banks and credit unions to experience the consumer response that informative, interactive media can garner.

The "How You're your Money is Protected" segment explains the roles of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in insuring personal accounts; a video is also available explaining the role of the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for credit unions. To date, MindBlazer has received more than 45 requests from financial institutions to incorporate the segment into their Web sites, clearly supporting the claim that consumers are looking for answers, and interactive media can be an effective channel to deliver crucial information.

Brown continued, "Financial institutions should regard their online channel (Web site) as another branch. The Web site is really an extension of the bank or credit union. Interactive media is an effective tool to educate people about all the services available online. They should be informed that they can take advantage of the online branch at a time they choose, whenever it is convenient for their personal needs and lifestyle."

MoneyMinutesTV videos are approximately one to three minutes in length and cover a range of topics that are customizable to match each financial institution's brand. The content can be placed directly on high-traffic areas of the Web site, or used for in-branch, direct mail or in one-on-one sessions with consumers.

About MindBlazer
MindBlazer is a marketing technology company that provides enhanced digital media channels to aid with sales, education and corporate communications online. Based in Charlotte, N.C., the company was founded in 1999 to create Webcast content such as online video and interactive new media. In 2002, MindBlazer began providing custom education-based content for many tier one banks and lending institutions. Today, MindBlazer is management-owned and works with more than 100 financial Institutions and financial technology providers of all sizes to leverage new media and open Internet revenue streams.

For more information about MindBlazer, visit the company's Web site at http://www.mindblazer.com or call 704.554.9555. For more information on MoneyMinutesTV visit http://moneyminutes.tv.