• Retail and Business customers alike, are looking for answers to questions or solutions to problems. They want to pay bills faster, manage their cash better, get the best loan, or plan for retirement. MoneyMinutesTV is syndicated content you can place right on your website, your desktop, inbranch, or use in direct mail. The segments teach your customers what they need to know about a product or service in order to make an educated buying decision.

    By offering information instead of a sales pitch, the barriers to taking action are reduced. At the same time, you're positioned as a helpful and trustworthy source. People visit their financial institution's website an average of 14 times a month to check balances or pay bills. Why not take advantage of all that built-in traffic?


    MoneyMinutesTV: the interactive video solution for educating your customers.












  • Why MoneyMinutesTV?

    1. Proven Return on Investment
    2. A Comprehensive Strategy
    3. Not video, Interactive Video
    4. Regular Content Refresh and Additions
    5. Reach Generation X, Y, Z, & Boomers
    6. Optional Custom Content
    7. Faster Time-To-Market
    8. Includes Marketing Assets
    9. Online Reports
    10. Your customers or members expect it!
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