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MindBlazer Introduces Business Banking Suite of Video Content

New MoneyMinutesTV topics reflect demand for cash management education.

CHARLOTTE, N.C., August 26, 2009 - MindBlazer, a marketing technology company that leverages interactive video and new media for the financial industry, will introduce new MoneyMinutesTV video topics to reflect growing demand from financial institutions to educate business and higher net worth customers on available financial products and services. MoneyMinutesTV provides syndicated, educational video content for online, e-mail, direct mail and in-branch use with consumers.

MindBlazer is developing a collection of business banking video segments that are devoted to exploring the various aspects of cash management. One of the videos gives a cash management overview, explaining the value that such a suite of banking products can offer businesses of all sizes. To supplement this content, MindBlazer has researched, scripted and produced seven other videos on different business services, including: checking accounts, savings accounts, payroll services, business accounting management (Quicken/QuickBooks integration through online banking), lockbox services, merchant payment services, and positive pay (prevention of check fraud).

"Business failure can often be attributed to poor cash management, and it is commonly quite a challenge for business owners," Ryan Brown, MindBlazer president and CEO, explained. "In today's tough economic environment, it is imperative that individuals understand the basic concepts of cash flow to maximize their business. These new video topics are designed to inform financial institutions' commercial customers of the business banking tools to help them remain effective and competitive in their respective markets."

MindBlazer relies heavily on its existing customer base to determine the best MoneyMinutesTV topics. So when deciding to add new content, the company engaged its customers in the process to assess their needs, and also to ensure the video segments presented information in a clear and concise manner, which could easily convey the benefits of each service.

"MindBlazer has several financial institutions - ranging in size from $200 million to $200 billion in assets - that all provided valuable input to the content development of these cash management video topics," Brown continued. "They reviewed existing MoneyMinutesTV content and provided feedback on what additional topics would best benefit their customer base. Who better than the bankers themselves to know what [information] their customers need to make more solid business banking decisions."

MoneyMinutesTV videos cover a range of topics that are customizable to match each financial institution's brand. One to three minutes in length, the materials are periodically refreshed and new topics are also added frequently to reflect current market trends and consumer demand.

About MindBlazer
MindBlazer is a marketing technology company that provides enhanced digital media channels to aid with sales, education and corporate communications online. Based in Charlotte, N.C., the company was founded in 1999 to create Webcast content such as online video and interactive new media. In 2002, MindBlazer began providing custom education-based content for many tier one banks and lending institutions. Today, MindBlazer is management-owned and works with more than 100 financial Institutions and financial technology providers of all sizes to leverage new media and open Internet revenue streams.

For more information about MindBlazer, visit the company's Web site at http://www.mindblazer.com or call 704.554.9555. For more information on MoneyMinutesTV visit http://moneyminutes.tv.