• Why MoneyMinutesTV?



    MoneyMinutesTV removes all the heavy lifting. We provide the creative direction and messaging with custom branding, deliver the materials and measure the ROI. It’s a comprehensive media strategy with proven results. You choose the topics from our existing content, or we’ll create a custom version. And you’ll receive frequent updates. You can offer several segments for less than the cost of producing one video on your own.



    Interactive video and new media are here to stay. MoneyMinutes TV delivers useful consumer content in a way that people not only want, but now expect to experience when they go online. The segments target specific customers, inform them how your products or services solve their challenges, and motivate them to take action. Each segment leverages our education-based approach, which routinely delivers Call to Action Rates of 20-45%. MoneyMinutes TV has a stickiness that makes the messages easy to remember. Plus, segments can be leveraged as part of direct mail campaigns, newsletters or for in-branch use.


    There are compelling reasons why partnering with MoneyMinutesTV makes more sense than trying to develop your own content.


    The Right Message at the Right Time.

    Educate your customers using engaging, relevant content that is frequently refreshed and offers sound financial management principles.

    A Comprehensive Strategy.

    A complete, integrated, solution that can be set up quickly and efficiently, and personalized for your corporation.


    As new MoneyMinutesTV content is created it becomes instantly available for you and your customers.