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    MoneyMinutesTV Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the cost of a MoneyMinutesTV segment?
    A: Please visit the ‘Contact’ page and provide some information about the number of
    Content topics you’d like to use, and we’ll be happy to give you pricing details.
    Q: To what degree can I customize my segment?
    A: You can add your company logo, brand colors, and also specify the calls to action featured in the particular content topics you choose.
    Q: How many MoneyMinutesTV content topics are offered?
    A: More than 36 topics are currently available with new material continually being added. Retail banking, Commercial Banking and Credit Union topics are available.
    Q: How long will it take to have a MoneyMinutesTV segment set up for my financial institution?
    A: Once you’ve signed up your content will be available within a few business days depending on your setup.
    Q: Can we change the 'names' of the videos that appear next to each video selection?
    A: Yes. You have access to customize the title of any segment to match your organization's branding.
    Q: Can we have custom content created with our specific message?
    A: Absolutely. Please go to the ‘Get Started’ page, provide some details about what you have in mind, and we will contact you immediately to begin work on your customized segment.

    Q: Does the Dashboard management tool allow us to alternate videos that are available for viewing?
    A: With the "All Topics" Version of MoneyMinutesTV, you can alternate videos with just a few clicks.



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